I recently learned just how much you can do with Power Apps and Power BI and thought I would share just how much this magical program can do for any business. From inventory tracking to barcode scanning, from AI powered customer recommendations to sales tactics, Power Apps can empower any business in a multitude of use cases.

Apps are created using Microsoft Power FX, an open-source formula language based off Microsoft Excel that allows users to create low code apps within Power Apps. Using formulas that they are already familiar with from Microsoft excel, users can create powerful apps suited to their specific business needs. Although some code is necessary, many users already understand it from their experience with Microsoft Excel. Point and click tools replace the necessity for large amounts of coding by allowing users to utilize content centric generalizing; all information has a familiar naming convention, rather than seemingly random naming conventions that are found within traditional coding.

Prebuilt templates for many different uses allow users to begin designing immediately and deploy as soon as they are ready. Rollouts of additional improvements are quick and easy, so if your design does not have all its necessary features immediately, you can add them later! As a new user of the Microsoft suite of products, I played around with the platform out of general curiosity. I was able to make a program that tracks my schedule separately from Finchloom, and then calculates what my paycheck will be before and after taxes. I understand that this information is readily available through most payroll providers, but I wanted to try something simple to create myself. I got the entire thing up and running within an hour of starting and can only imagine the possibilities of these customizable Apps when in the hands of a business with clear areas to make more efficient.

What can I do with Power Apps?

The question should be, ‘what can’t I do?’. Global businesses like Toyota and Ikea both trust Power Apps to make an impact in their daily functions. They trust in and utilize the adaptability of Power Apps to save time in many business areas. Toyota has used Power Apps to address innovation and efficiency within the company and has built over 400 apps for teams ranging from sizes small to large. Ikea uses several apps that track customer details and requests and allows for personalization of kitchen options to potential customers. Instead of telling you about the amazing capabilities of power apps, please see the below links!

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As always, to learn more about Power Apps and how Power BI can make your business more efficient, please contact Finchloom for more information, and help on getting started!