Microsoft Security Copilot

Boost Your Cybersecurity Defense with Microsoft Security Copilot: Trustworthy Protection Powered by AI
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What is Microsoft Security Copilot?

Microsoft Security Copilot is the game-changing AI-powered tool that empowers you to stay ahead of today’s IT security threats, with real-time threat intelligence, actionable recommendations, and advanced automation..

Augment your security team with AI and Copilot intelligence to:

Simplify the complex

Security Copilot empowers you to respond to security incidents within minutes, not days, by providing step-by-step guidance and context in a streamlined investigation experience. With customizable reporting and summarizing capabilities, you can focus on critical tasks and accelerate incident investigation and response.

Catch what others miss

With Security Copilot, you can discover hidden threats that could otherwise go undetected. With AI-supported threat hunting, incident response and vulnerability management, you can targeting threats in real time, and as Copilot leverages Microsoft’s global threat intelligence to anticipate a threat actor’s next moves, your organization can stay ahead of modern malicious attacks..

Address the talent gap

Security Copilot empowers your security team by answering questions, providing guidance, and continuously learning from your interactions and infrastructure security preferences. By advising on optimal actions for secure outcomes and fostering learning for new team members, Security Copilot helps you achieve more with less, operating at the level of larger, more mature organizations.

Advanced Security

Empower your organization to defend against evolving cyber attacks, including:

  1. Real-time threat intelligence: Copilot Security constantly monitors and analyzes data to provide you with real-time insights into emerging threats, enabling proactive remediation
  2. Actionable recommendations: The AI’s comprehensive security recommendations help you make informed decisions to strengthen their security posture.
  3. Advanced automation: Efficiently handle security incidents and minimize potential damage with Copilot Security’s automation capabilities
  4. Expertise-driven insights: Copilot Security taps into Microsoft’s cybersecurity database to provide you valuable insights to stay ahead of sophisticated threats
  5. Optimized security operations: Let Finchloom implement and manage Copilot Security to make sure your Microsoft Security is kept up-to-date, and customized to meet the specific needs of your organization

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