Power Apps, Dynamics, & Server/Perpetual Licensing

Create powerful workflows and automations with expert guidance on licensing and implementation. Unify your sales, support, and marketing within Dynamics to enable streamlined collaboration and visualization across departments. Need server or perpetual licenses? We have you covered.
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Power Apps Implementation

Almost all Microsoft subscriptions come with Power Apps, but organizations rarely use all (or even the majority) of the features. When you purchase licenses through Finchloom, you also receive expert guidance to understand the capabilities of Power Apps along with use cases and implementations that can automate tedious business functions.

Learn how to send email alerts on specific actions, automate ticketing and case provisioning systems, update workflows automatically upon specific events or timelines, and more using Finchloom experts as your guide.

Dynamics 365 Workflow

Utilize and customize Microsoft’s CRM to your specific business specifications and regulations. With the help of Finchloom, get the subscriptions that are right for your business, and create workflows to help with the sales, marketing, and support processes. 

Automate lead generation, scoring, and qualification processes, assign products and services to quotes, and track support ticketing through resolution with guidance from our certified engineers and architects.

Server/Perpetual Licenses

Server/Perpetual Software

Purchase boxed software: A one time purchase with no recurring payments. No support is included, but you can receive support for perpetual licenses through a Finchloom Open Service Agreement (OSA).

Software Subscriptions

Several server subscriptions with yearly upgrades are available, paid for on a yearly basis.

Licenses Available

  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server
  • Client Access License (CAL)
  • and more


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Finchloom has been hired by Microsoft to complete projects within Dynamics. Learn about the work we are doing for Microsoft in our Press Release.

Magic Program Reviews

“[Finchloom] helped us with licensing very significantly and gave us a very strong foundation… it is critically important for our flexibility as our company takes on new clients”

Victor Reiner – Director of IT Infrastructure

Altura Management Services, 2022

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Innovation through Collaboration

Imagine what your business could accomplish if you had easy access to the right technology resources when needed.

Partnering with Finchloom enables you to:

- Operate your IT department at optimum efficiency

- Remain flexible and scale up/scale down tech resources as needed

- Easily access the expertise you need for highly specialized projects and free up your internal resources for other mission-critical objectives.

- Eliminate tech talent barriers and realize even greater possibilities when you have easy access to the expert help your team needs.