VMware to Azure Migration

Moving your VMware resources to Azure is easier than ever before.
Migrate to Azure

What is a Migration from VMware to Azure?

There are 2 options to consider when moving on-premises VMware infrastructure to Azure: Azure Migrate and Azure VMware Solution. Each option has its own benefits to weigh according to your business needs.

Why Migrate to Azure


Datacenter Evacuation or Shutdown

Seamlessly move VMware-based workloads when IT consolidates or retires existing datacenters.


Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Use Azure as a primary or secondary disaster recovery failover site for on-premises datacenter infrastructure.

Application Modernization

Tap into the Azure ecosystem to modernize business applications without rebuilding VMware-based environments.

DevOps Expansion:

Azure DevOps tools support your app development efforts in a secure VMware environment.

Operational Continuity

Redeploy vSphere-based applications to Azure without hypervisor conversions and application refactoring. Extend support for legacy applications that run on Windows and SQL Server.

Migrate to Azure in as little as 1 Week!

Get the Azure licenses you need, as you need them, and deploy your VMware resources on Azure. Cut costs and enable secure collaboration from anywhere in the world using Finchloom’s capstone professional service offering: Finchloom FLIGHT.

Get rid of your on-prem servers

Just as virtualization liberates your software (operating systems or applications) from the hardware that runs it, your business no longer needs to maintain on-prem servers.

Stop wasting time and money on physical infrastructure along with maintenance, warranties, and replacement, and make the move to Azure Cloud.

With Azure Virtual Desktop:

  • Access your data and work platforms from anywhere
  • Cut costs on hardware and maintenance
  • Simplify user maintenance, onboarding, and offboarding
  • and more!

Benefits of running VMware workloads in Azure

Set up your VMware infrastructure in the cloud in minutes

Modernize applications at your own pace

Enhance VMware applications with dedicated, isolated, high-performance infrastructure and unique Azure products and services

Move or extend on-premises VMs to Azure without refactoring applications

Get scale, automation, and fast provisioning for VMware workloads on a global Azure infrastructure

Benefit from a solution that's delivered by Microsoft, verified by VMware, and runs on the Azure infrastructure

When to switch to Azure

Generally, companies switch to Azure for a few reasons.

  1. Leverage existing VMware investments – There is no need for IT departments to learn new skills or tools because the solution is based on vSphere and vCenter. No retraining. No refactoring.
  2. Consistent administration experience – Ensure operational consistency and directly manage the VMware vSphere interface. Only use the Azure portal for deployment of infrastructure and management tasks.
  3. Support – Utilize a single point of support. VMware solutions are developed, operated, and supported by Microsoft.

Migration steps for VMware to Azure

Businesses generally outsource the migration process to avoid technical issues in a process they will encounter only once. Avoid the hassle of training employees and let Finchloom migrate your VMWare to Azure. Our high level migration steps are:

1. Plan Networking

2. Create an Azure VMware Solution private cloud

3. Configure Networking

4. Migrate VMs by using HCX

Some of what you can do with Azure

Provision Windows or Linux VMs in seconds

Operate seamlessly in hybrid environments

Protect your data and monitor cloud health

Magic Program Reviews

“[Finchloom] helped us with licensing very significantly and gave us a very strong foundation… it is critically important for our flexibility as our company takes on new clients”

Victor Reiner – Director of IT Infrastructure

Altura Management Services, 2022

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