Finchloom’s IT Recruiting Services acts as a job opportunity agent for both companies and IT talent. For companies, Finchloom searches the internet, reaches out to IT qualified candidates and conducts initial interviews so that our partners save time and effort in hiring.

For job seekers, we review your profile and work with you to clarify and improve your search process — even if you’re not an immediate fit for one of our partners’ available roles.

As part of that process, in today’s webinar, Carianne Burnley, Finchloom’s Recruiting Services Director, provides a series of tips to strengthen CEO Jim Richardson’s resume and LinkedIn profile. In 15 minutes, you’ll learn how to develop and maintain a dynamic professional resume in today’s rapidly changing world.

Your First Career Development Tip

Always start with what do you want to be. You may have performed a variety of interesting IT tasks in your previous jobs, but you don’t want to confuse a recruiter.

So tell them what you want to be: CIO, IT director, principal IT, Azure architect, Help Desk manager, etc. What title are you really interested in?

Recruiters scan thousands of resumes a day, spending 7-to-10 seconds on a page, looking for titles. Looking for the right fit. If they need a CIO, they want resumes that belong to a CIO, where CIO-related titles are peppered throughout the profile. Illustrating in your previous role the titles that prepared you for the new role.

Watch the entire webinar now:

Tips to Immediately Improve Your Resume and LinkedIN Profile


Your Tip Checklist

  • Have you settled on a title of your next role? Or developed multiple resumes that specifically target the kinds of roles you want to pursue?
  • Do you update your resume and LinkedIn profile as you go, before you need to look for a job?
  • Instead of just listing roles and dates, have you appropriately titled your previous roles and described your projects in aspirational ways with appropriate keywords that prepare you for the role you want?
  • Are all of your roles relevant? Have you “acted as [aspirational title]?”
  • On LinkedIn, have you sought out Recommendations from your satisfied customers, bosses, and team mates?
  • Have you explored how to make your headline and About Me section more clear, relevant, and eye-catching? Does it express your personality?
  • One “More”: did you learn how to generate your resume from your LinkedIn profile?


Work closely with Finchloom to expand your IT recruiting capacity. Our recruiting team knows the ins and outs of the tech industry and can fill your open roles faster with contractors or employees who meet your culture and business needs. You can start the process here.