Finchloom+ for Microsoft 365 Tailored Email Security

Secure your employees with our tailored email security managed service. Evolved from Finchloom's PhishPrevent, which successfully augmented IT Security departments with Microsoft’s best practices for over 5 years, our service easily spots phishing attempts, responds swiftly with human-powered detection, and halts business email compromise.
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Human Powered Detection and Response

Stop Business E-Mail Compromise in Office 365

Why Finchloom+ for Email Security?

  • Tailored support for your Enterprise compliance and security needs
  • Free up internal security resources
  • Utilize external IT resources for phishing prevention, email validation, research, management, and remediation
  • Maintain your Microsoft 365 tenant to security best practices

Why do Organizations need Tailored Email Security?

Phishing is a Growing Problem

According to ESET’s 2021 research, there was a 7.3% increase in email-based attacks between May and August 2021, and 96% of phishing attacks are delivered by email.

All Organizations are Susceptible

In 86% of organizations, at least one user clicked a phishing link in 2021. Phishing accounts for 90% of organizational data breaches. 1 in 4,200 emails in 2020 was a phishing email.

Your Company Data is at Risk

It is estimated that businesses worldwide lose $1,797,945/minute due to cybercrime. Successful phishing attacks lead to organizational losses including the following consequences:

  • 60% lost data
  • 52% had accounts or credentials compromised
  • 47% were infected with ransomware
  • 18% experienced financial losses

“Our users are starting to build a security culture at work where they question things and don’t just agree to comply with strange requests. We thank Finchloom for helping us build this security culture by talking to each of our employees and working out their awareness muscles with the simulations.”

Michelle Allen

IT Executive, Storm Industries

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What is Included?

Finchloom provides everything to protect against and prevent phishing including the labor behind discovery, research, and remediation. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors activity and suspicious domains for login attempts. If a suspicious email is received, users have various options to report and respond. You will receive:

  • Microsoft 365 Email Security and Junk Box Setup and Best Practices
  • Unlimited User and Automated Email Submissions to Finchloom
  • All submissions investigated and responded to
  • Automated Resolution and tuning of alerts
  • User Training and Phishing Simulations
  • Full User Support for Email protection
  • Monthly Threat Reports

What you will experience

with Finchloom+ for Email Security


Security Engineering & SOC

  • Utilize external IT resources to combat and investigate phishing attempts
  • Free up internal senior resources
  • IT department receives reporting on phishing attempts
  • Easily scale up or down with business changes


Escalation & Warning Banners

  • Through AI, banners are automatically injected into emails that seem suspicious
  • Outlook Plug-in Button submissions go to our SOC for human review
  • Malicious e-mails are removed from ALL users that received them


& Domain Monitoring

  • Monitor for suspicious/irregular logins
  • Custom heuristics and alerts
  • Highly suspicious activities escalated back to you
  • Monitoring of internet domain registrations
  • Look-a-like domains are investigated, blocked, & taken down


Office 365 Tenant Hardening

  • Prior Breach Assessment
  • Spam Filtering Configuration
  • MFA Configuration and Deployment
  • Authentication Policy Configuration
  • Application of several hardening settings
  • Review operational best practices


User Training & Awareness

  • Live and on-demand video training
  • Routine email awareness campaigns
  • Regular phishing simulations
  • On-the-spot training for those that fail the simulation
  • Users receive feedback on their reported emails

Our Mission is to prevent financial losses that result from email security breaches through 7 core practices.

Experience the Difference

Testing of user handling of phishing emails
Securing email communications, our team & Microsoft is with you
Reduction of helpdesk calls, requests come straight to us
Elimination of threats before outbreak using Search & Destroy methods
Prevention of spoofing and impersonation attempts
Simulation of test attacks keep users constantly aware
Education through training based on simulation results

Don’t be a victim.

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Innovation through Collaboration

Imagine what your business could accomplish if you had easy access to the right technology resources when needed.

Partnering with Finchloom enables you to:

- Operate your IT department at optimum efficiency

- Remain flexible and scale up/scale down tech resources as needed

- Easily access the expertise you need for highly specialized projects and free up your internal resources for other mission-critical objectives.

- Eliminate tech talent barriers and realize even greater possibilities when you have easy access to the expert help your team needs.