Excited for an Opportunity to Grow Your Career?

Finchloom is looking for open, caring, and collaborative people who love to continually expand their IT skills! We have internal openings where you provide Microsoft consulting services to clients and external openings where you get the opportunity to work directly on our clients internal teams.

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Why Candidates Choose Us

There are many reasons why candidates choose to work with us. Check out the video below from Senior Recruiter Carianne Burnley discussing the top three reasons. Hint: the biggest reasons have to do with how we treat people.

We truly want you to succeed

Carianne Burnley

Senior Technical Recruiter, Finchloom

Who We Are

Finchloom founded in 2013 is a 100% Microsoft focused, direct Cloud Services Provider (CSP) and reseller of Microsoft 365 and Azure Subscriptions and services. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, providing professional services, managed services, and recruiting services to mid-market and enterprise customers across the United States. Finchloom’s deep expertise in Azure, Teams, SharePoint, and Security enables us to offer a variety of services including project design, implementation, management, augmentation, license and security audits, and empowers our clients to innovate through collaboration with the best in Microsoft engineering.

Finchloom’s founders Jim Richardson and Brian Levine inspired our organization in four core values. First, to be a self starter, always giving solutions. Second, to communicate often and openly, with direction and laughter. Third, to collaborate equally, giving space for everyone’s ideas. And most importantly, caring for the success of our peers and clients.

At Finchloom our niche is in servicing the Microsoft Cloud. Our purpose is in helping organizations work better with technology while having fun. Finchloom has proven we can assist you with getting the most out of your Microsoft 365 and Azure Cloud services. If you are not satisfied with our service or your experience, we’ll make it so.

Meet Some of Our Team Members

Nick Wilsey

SMC Account Manager

Emely Chey

Project Manager

Terry Royster

Cloud Operations Manager

Our Process

We truly want you to succeed in your career goals! In addition, we hope they align with our openings. To figure this out, we’ll do our best to be kind throughout our recruiting process. This is what makes our process different. See our recruiting process steps below.


We Find You

We love when you find us! But, more often than not, we go in search of you. This allows us to find you when you aren’t necessarily looking for a new role but still deserve the consideration for a great opportunity.


We Reach Out

We send you a quick line about the role we’re trying to fill and give you the opportunity to schedule a call. Our favorite response is when you book a time to chat further. We’re also OK with other responses, such as: asking questions about the role, or even a response of no interest at this time. All responses are appreciated!


We Chat

We have a 20-30 minute Teams video conversation. We start off by telling you more about us and the role/s we’re trying to fill. It things still seem interesting next career move, we ask some questions about your background related to the role. We finish the call by discussing potential next steps.


We Make the Introduction

We introduce you (via email, phone, or even by hand) to the Hiring Manager. They review the information and get back to us shortly with what’s next.


We Follow Up

We follow up throughout the entire process! Best case scenario, we follow-up with more requests for interviews. OK scenario, we ask more questions, as we may have missed something on our initial call. Worst case scenario, we let you know that we’re unable to move forward at this time. Don’t fret though – this can still turn to a best case scenario as our recruiting needs continually change.


Our Roles

Let’s Connect!

Our roles are constantly changing! Don’t see a role that perfectly aligns with your skill set? Please feel free to submit your resume to recruiting@finchloom.com.  We’d love to hear from you and are happy to keep your resume on file for a future opportunity.