WATCH THE REPLAY HERE – Finchloom held a Teams Live Event to showcase the 5 Ways that Businesses can Transform Using Microsoft Azure. This is a recording of the event.

We want to teach you how to transform your business to become modern and help your employees achieve more, securely.

  • Who is Finchloom and How Can We Help You?
  • A Brief Overview of Microsoft Azure
  • The 5 Steps to Transforming Your Business: Identity, Endpoint, Server/Apps, Security, Change Management
  • The Strategic Assessment – how it works and how we get Microsoft to pay for it
  • The Business Digital Transformation Roadmap is produced, prioritized, and delivered to you with an emphasis on strategies to reduce your IT spend, and get your employees working optimally from home.
  • How the Finchloom FLIGHT plan works with the Roadmap quickly to keep your business open
  • CALL TO ACTION: Go to our website and sign up for the Microsoft Funded Assessment. Our account team will contact you to get you started.