One of the most asked questions I get in my personal life is ‘what do you do for work’, and ‘what does your company do’? At this point I have my elevator pitch for myself, Finchloom, and Microsoft down to a science, and it made me think to start writing this. What does Finchloom offer? Below I will breakdown our business areas and offerings, so if you are curious about all the business areas we impact, please keep reading! Each heading will be a link to learn more about that specific offering.

Microsoft Subscriptions

Finchloom got its start reselling Microsoft Subscriptions to business users. Although we have come a long way from solely selling these subscriptions, it is still something we do quite a bit. Microsoft licenses that we resell include Azure, Microsoft 365, and Dynamics 365 subscriptions. Unlike many traditional CSP’s and other resellers, we only operate in Microsoft. We do not dabble in AWS, or any of the alike so you can be sure that you are speaking to the foremost experts on the products you are interested in.

The beauty of the subscriptions that we offer is they are all-in-one solutions. Sure, you might just want an email service initially, but once you (and your business) discover the power of the Microsoft Apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Etc.), you will not know how to do business without them. There are free services that offer similar apps, but at the cost of not knowing where your data is stored, how it is backed up, and missing features that are critical for companies of any size (Excel specifically). Similarly, Dynamics 365 offers a turnkey CRM for most small businesses without the resources to dedicate to building out the system, but always offers the choice to build upon it once subscribed.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

A fully managed virtual desktop as a service powered by Azure. Whether your business has shifted to work from home, work from anywhere, or you want your employees to bring their own devices, virtual desktop can empower your employees to make the right security decisions wherever they are, and regardless of what device they use. No data or applications ever touch the local computer and instead, all the computing power and access to company data and apps takes place INSIDE the secured Windows Virtual Desktop.

Virtual Desktop can also be extremely beneficial in scenarios such as acquisitions/mergers, providing secure access to developers or vendors, and new hires using personal devices before receiving their company provided machines.

Professional Services

Finchloom has two offerings, the FLIGHT program, and standard professional services. FLIGHT is our managed roadmap plan; the blueprint used to effectuate work and prioritize solutions in the manner that your company requires. FLIGHT utilizes a standard monthly rate to help your business get to where it needs to go as efficiently as possible, starting with a meeting to learn about your business goals and requirements.

Professional services are available for individual projects if the FLIGHT program does not suit your company needs. Our expert project team can cover a broad range of Microsoft workloads, like storage migrations and Active Directory and Azure AD to name a few. Similarly, if you have a growing business and do not want to hire a full-time employee to handle I.T. administration, we can provide Microsoft Technology Experts on a pay-as-you-go model. Whether you need an onsite administrator, engineer, or even a CIO virtually, we can provide the tools and people to help!


Phishing is the most common threat that businesses face in todays technology-centric world. Impersonators can steal employee and company information, and with it, access confidential data, bank accounts, employee information, and so much more. PhishPrevent is Finchloom’s proprietary managed security service that protects your company emails from malicious phishing attempts.

Integrated directly into Outlook, PhishPrevent inserts warning banners on malicious looking emails and provides users the option to report them. Once reported, emails go to our SOC for human review. If deemed malicious, the email is removed from all user inboxes. If deemed safe, the emails are returned to the reporters’ inbox.

On top of security measures, our managed service also monitors sign-ins and domains, hardens your Office 365 Tenant, and provides live and on-demand user training including phishing simulations. If employees fail the simulations, they receive on-the-spot training. PhishPrevent is yet another turnkey solution that protects businesspeople and business data alike.

Business Intelligence

Our newest offering, also known as BI, allows for businesses to utilize the data that they gather to make more informed business decisions. Does your company know how to utilize big data to rationalize spending or promotions? If not, talk to our professionals today and do not waste your precious company resources on items that do not provide returns. Read our previous blog about BI here.

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