For customers who are looking to see the benefits of using the Finchloom Customer Portal, look no further! One of the things we get asked about constantly is how clients of ours can change their licenses, and naturally, the process usually starts with clients looking in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Here, you can see your licenses, but can’t change the quantities. Let’s say you’ve hired a new employee and you need to increase that number of licenses you have to include them. From the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, you are unable to, which is why we created the Finchloom Customer Portal.

Utilizing the Finchloom Customer Portal, we’ve given you an ability to see and manipulate your license quantities. You navigate to the portal by first visiting and selecting ‘Customer Portal’ on the top right side of the page. When you click ‘Sign In’ you will be automatically signed into our portal based on your Office 365 login; your credentials are passed through in the same browser session.

Once you have signed in, you can then navigate to ‘My Subscriptions’ and locate your billing contract. Open it, and you can see how many subscriptions you currently have and matches up with what you can see in your admin center. To increase the quantity, simply click on the subscription that you would like to manipulate and then change the quantity. When you are finished, if you look back at your billing contract you now have the new quantity which also reflects the new price. The cost will be prorated until the end of your current billing cycle and then will be added to the full billing cycle on your next invoice.

If you then go back to your Microsoft 365 Admin Center and hit refresh after 30 to 60 seconds, you will be able to see that provisioned license(s) have come through. Those additional licenses are made available in seconds.

Additionally, through the Finchloom Customer Portal you can look at and manage your invoices if you have any open invoices or if you want to see your old paid invoices. You can also access Finchloom Support from the portal which is a huge benefit paid to our clients. You simply open a support case with us, and our team will contact Microsoft on your behalf and put them in touch with you. Conversely, if you need more direct or personal support, we can assign an expert to your case that charges by the hour.

We will continue to update and improve our customer portal, so be on the lookout for updates and new features! For those who are not already clients of ours, if you are interested in doing business with Finchloom, please visit this page, and fill out the form with the products and/or services that you are interested in! Thanks for reading!