Learn how your business can fight hackers and protect your employee and company inboxes. Finchloom held a Teams Live Event. Below is a recording of the event.

During the Coronavirus crisis, many businesses like yours quickly shifted to Work from Home Scenarios. While your company is busy focusing on continuing business operations from home, the hackers are hard at work crafting new Email Phishing campaigns to catch you with your guard down. They even have been using fake Emails about Coronavirus testing, Federal Grants, and other timely events used to trick your employees while they work alone at home with no one to ask if it’s a safe Email or not.

Phishing is now the leading cause of password leaks that hackers use to infiltrate your network to spy, steal data, or even apply ransomware to your business-critical data causing huge losses. We have seen too many successful breaches of our customer environments where they were hit with ransomware and either had to pay up or suffer the time to recover. But now we have a defense system to fight hackers directly from your Outlook client!

Finchloom+ for Email Security is a monthly managed Cloud Security Service that runs on Microsoft Azure. Our technology integrates with Outlook to give all of your Email users a button to report suspicious Email. We use a combination of human experience and artificial intelligence to determine if the threat is phishing and can remove the bad Email from all your mailboxes. Our Security Team also keeps in constant communication with your organization to provide education, awareness, and even a monthly simulation to test your employees security response.

In the webinar, you will learn: