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The Emal Below is Suspicious...

Can you identify 7 reasons not to trust it?

What were the issues?

  1. The ‘From’ Email Domain is abnormal – Most people would not have a personal email address linked to an unknown/random domain
  2. The message was sent at 2:52 AM – Unless there is an overseas merger happening overnight and all at once, this is not feasible
  3. Misspellings of common words – Hello is spelled incorrectly
  4. Requesting Private Information – Any level of employee should never ask for the credentials of another employee
  5. Random Link Attached – A link to a random site that is completely unrelated to the message above
  6. Several Gramatical Errors – ‘Regarding’ should be ‘Regards,’ and ‘can not’ should be ‘cannot’
  7. Senders Name Changes Spelling – In the header the name is spelled ‘Rachael’ and in the signature it is spelled ‘Rachel’

1 in 323 EMAILS for small businesses ARE MALICIOUS


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Our Approach

Testing of user handling of phishing emails
Securing email communications, our team & Microsoft is with you
Reduction of helpdesk calls, requests come straight to us
Elimination of threats before outbreak using Search & Destroy methods
Prevention of spoofing and impersonation attempts
Simulation of test attacks keep users constantly aware
Education through training based on simulation results

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