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Delivering Microsoft cloud consulting, expert engineering, remediation, projects, and tailored managed security services.
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Why Finchloom Professional Services?

Finchloom is built on the services provided by senior Microsoft architect and engineering resources. We are a 100% Microsoft focused organization. Through collaboration with our clients, we enable new Microsoft solutions for organizations nationwide.

We have flexible service options.

Our premier offering is our FLIGHT plan. FLIGHT offers flexibility and is created with complex projects and ongoing improvements in mind. Our project Scopes of Work (SOW’s) are extremely detailed and always have a clear beginning and end.

Professional Service Offerings

Kaizen – Defined as continuous process improvement; work with our team to reduce costs, enhance quality, leverage technology to drive a smarter business and effective collaboration.

Flexible – Adapt to changes within your organization, and operationalize projects based on fluctuating needs and business demands.

Finchloom FLIGHT

FLIGHT is our level-pay professional services offering for companies looking to collaborate on multiple complex projects, services, and staffing by accessing a team of experts to complete project work and fill critical skill gaps.

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Magic Program Reviews

“We have worked with Finchloom for the past few years initially utilizing their FLIGHT program, but have since branched out into their security specializations, and help with an international merger as they were professional and trustworthy from the start. We have had a great experience working with their professionals in different Microsoft specializations and would recommend them to any company looking for experts who get projects done the right way, the first time.”

James Daquino – Senior VP of IT

ICM Partners, 2022

Backup and Site Recovery

Finchloom Projects (SOW’s and Assessments)

Looking to collaborate on a clearly defined Microsoft project? Finchloom is your trusted partner for implementing Microsoft solutions.

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In our Staff Augmentation eBook, learn how to:

  • Leverage staff augmentation to save costs on project work
  • Bring expert resources onto your team and upscale quickly
  • Avoid the administrative complications that come with onboarding internal employees
  • And more!

Support (OSA’s and Remediation)

Does your organization require IT support, but lack the specific requirements or technical talent for project work? The easiest way to achieve your IT goals are with Finchloom Support.

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Windows and SQL Server Migration

Some of our best work comes when we can add a personal touch to our project delivery. It is our preference when implementing projects to work with the IT Admins of the company, so they can learn as we build and deploy. They will be needing to care and feed for your implementations once done, so let’s involve them early.

Windows and SQL Server Migration

Security Services

Expand your security department by augmenting engineering talent for specific tasks. Security services leverage fixed monthly payments for tailored services focused on Microsoft identity, Azure Backup & Recovery, Office 365 email compromise, & more.

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Innovation through Collaboration

Imagine what your business could accomplish if you had easy access to the right technology resources when needed.

Partnering with Finchloom enables you to:

- Operate your IT department at optimum efficiency

- Remain flexible and scale up/scale down tech resources as needed

- Easily access the expertise you need for highly specialized projects and free up your internal resources for other mission-critical objectives.

- Eliminate tech talent barriers and realize even greater possibilities when you have easy access to the expert help your team needs.