Professional Services for Infrastructure

Infrastructure projects are one of our largest practice offerings, and for good reason. We have helped many clients make the move to the cloud in a variety of ways.
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  • Windows Migrations to Azure
  • SQL Migrations to Azure
  • VMware Migrations to Azure
  • File Server Migrations
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Server Room/Data Center Transformation
  • Backup & Site Recovery


VMware on Azure
Seamlessly move VMware-based workloads from your datacenter to Azure and integrate your VMware environment with Azure. Keep managing your existing environments with the same VMware tools you already know while you modernize your applications with Azure native services. Azure VMware Solution is a Microsoft service, verified by VMware, that runs on Azure infrastructure. Learn More
Azure Migrate
  • Key support for migration scenarios across servers, data, databases, web apps, and virtual desktops
  • Comprehensive discovery, assessment, and migration capabilities powered by Azure and Finchloom tools
  • Centralized migration repository delivering end-to-end tracking and insights
  • Cost-efficient migration with Azure cost optimization features and tools

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AVD & Windows 365
Scale your business with ease utilizing cloud-based infrastructure. Both Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 Cloud PC can be implemented almost immediately and for any amount of users. Learn more about the difference between the two systems on this page.
Windows Virtual Machine
We use Virtual machines for a variety of ways:

  • Building and deploying apps to the cloud
  • Spinning up a new environment to make it simpler and quicker for developers to run dev-test scenarios
  • Backing up your existing OS
  • Accessing virus-infected data or running an old application by installing an older OS
  • Running software or apps on operating systems that they weren’t originally intended for

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Azure SQL and Files
Shifting to Azure SQL or Azure Files will save your business capital, and from unnecessary headache. With Azure SQL, get a consistent, unified experience across your entire SQL portfolio and a full range of deployment options from edge to cloud. With Azure Files, take advantage of fully managed file shares in the cloud that are accessible via the industry-standard SMB and NFS protocols. Files can also be mounted concurrently by cloud or on-premises deployments of Windows, Linux, and macOS, and can be cached on Windows Servers with Azure File Sync.

Learn how the FLIGHT program can save business capital on long-term projects