Azure Active Directory (AD)

Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Identity management for organizations of any size. Protect your users and your data from unauthorized logins, theft, and more.
Implement Azure AD

What is Azure Active Directory?

Single sign-on simplifies access to your apps from anywhere

Conditional access and multifactor authentication help secure data

A single identity control plane grants full visibility and control of your environment

Governance ensures the right people have access to the right resources, and only when they need it

On prem, hybrid, or cloud based businesses can benefit from using Finchloom to implement Azure AD. Our Microsoft experts help you secure your organization with MFA, unify your identity infrastructure management, and enable users to log in from any device, anywhere.

Why Implement Azure AD with Finchloom?

As a 100% Microsoft focused provider, Finchloom is best suited to assist your organization make the most of their Microsoft investments. Whether you are new to the cloud, utilize hybrid methodologies, or are fully virtualized, our Azure experts enable our clients to fully realize their cloud capabilities, and make the most out of their professional services dollars with programs like FLIGHT.

Why Azure AD?

For Access Management, Microsoft scores highest on Completeness of Vision (Gartner 2021 Magic Quadrant). Azure Active Directory addresses the new realm of business technology with tailored access policies that include zero trust, multi-cloud, and decentralized computing.

Azure AD’s unified identity infrastructure management protects your network resources and data from unauthorized logins in an increasingly remote world where employees need to connect outside of business hours on a variety of devices.

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Microsoft Entra

Azure AD is part of Entra, Microsoft’s suite of modern identity and access solutions. Protect access to any app or resource for any user. Verify and secure every identity and every access request. Assign permissions and govern access. All in one place – Microsoft Entra’s Admin Center. Entra includes:

Azure Active Directory

Safeguard your organization with the identity and access management solution that connects people to their apps, devices, and data.

Microsoft Entra Permissions Management

Discover, remediate, and monitor permission risks across your multicloud infrastructure with a cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) solution.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Create, issue, and verify privacy-respecting decentralized identity credentials with an identity verification solution that helps you enable more secure interactions with anyone or anything.

With Azure AD, we saved $1 million a year and identity isn’t something our users are thinking about every day.

Sean Mack

CIO & CSSO, Wiley

When to make the switch to Azure AD

Whether you are fully invested in on-prem, have a hybrid environment, or operate fully in the cloud, Azure AD can benefit your business and increase employee satisfaction. We have found that businesses generally decide to make the move to Azure AD when:

  • Systems need to consolidate through restructuring, mergers, or acquisitions
  • Transitioning to a hybrid or fully remote workforce
  • Identity systems are compromised by a breach or other disaster
  • 6-12 months before an Okta renewal

How to get started with Azure AD

The transition to Azure AD generally begins with a free assessment with one of Finchlooms identity experts. Through this assessment, we will learn about your environment and the systems your organization currently uses, and create an actionable plan to execute the migration to Azure AD. Our technical team will teach your IT staff how to use the newly implemented systems, and ensure that you are ready to make the switch.

Magic Program Reviews

“[Finchloom] helped us with licensing very significantly and gave us a very strong foundation… it is critically important for our flexibility as our company takes on new clients”

Victor Reiner – Director of IT Infrastructure

Altura Management Services, 2022

Collaboration with Finchloom Azure AD Experts

As your environment changes over time, Finchloom’s experts provide your organization with architectural & implementation support through comprehensive professional services.

Microsoft funded Azure AD Assessments & Workshops

Did you know Microsoft offers funding to support the development and optimization of your Azure solution with Finchloom? Explore our current common services in the Azure Marketplace.

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Azure AD vs Okta: While they both perform Identity Management, understanding their differences is critical to choosing the best one for your organization.

Get Started with Azure AD


Azure AD comes in 4 editions:

  • Azure AD Free – The free edition of Azure AD is included with a subscription of a commercial online service such as Azure, Dynamics 365, Intune, Power Platform, and others.
  • Office 365 – Additional Azure AD features are included with Office 365 E1, E3, E5, F1, and F3 subscriptions.
  • Azure AD Premium P1 – Azure AD Premium P1, included with Microsoft 365 E3, offers a free 30-day trial.
  • Azure AD Premium P2 – Azure AD Premium P2, included with Microsoft 365 E5, offers a free 30-day trial.

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