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Whether you have recently merged or acquired, or simply operate using multiple tenants, creating a master tenant and consolidating all tenants under your business umbrella is most likely in your best interest. Multi-tenant environments pose an array of challenges like increased expenditure and security risks that can be alleviated through consolidation.

Consolidate multiple tenants to streamline processes, increase collaboration, and decrease cost

What You Need to Know

About Tenant Consolidation

Proper planning is Key – Define the “To Be” Environment 

To properly consolidate multiple tenants, it is necessary to first look at all the requirements of the consolidating organizations. Within each business there are specific compliance, regulatory, and security factors that need to be considered and added to the final ‘master tenant.’ We do this so that the end tenant is in a state that ultimately maintains the requirements set forth. Identifying all requirements necessary via our waterfall analysis is critical in beginning a merger, migration, or consolidation because there are innate complexities that lie within each individual system.

By front-loading analysis and design documentation, we can ensure that the ‘to be’ environment meets all the organizations requirements and that the consolidation or merger is done the right way the first time. We do not provide stop gap or band-aid approaches. Any migrations that are created by Finchloom will not have to be undone or retrained after; we advise against temporary fixes or solutions, only full-fledged tenant-to-tenant migrations.

Engage a trusted partner to bridge your teams’ skill gaps

Tenant to tenant migrations are generally rare for businesses, and for most reading this, it is probably the first time that you are considering making the move. Alternatively, businesses who consolidate more than a couple times do it often. One of our largest projects has a new consolidation almost weekly and is constantly acquiring new companies in their sector. Instead of having to hire an entire IT team to complete these reoccurring tasks and needing to manage new payrolls, benefits, etc., our client chose to use Finchloom because of time constraints, and easy access to an experienced team.

Finchloom not only specializes in the actual migration aspect of the project but will also train your IT employees in the care and feeding of your newly consolidated environment. We train all teams before, during, and after migration so that that once the project is complete, your business is self-sufficient. As a trusted partner, we never leave our clients beholden to a vendor for anything after the migration is complete.

Innovation through Collaboration

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