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---May 2022---

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5 Reasons to Leverage IT Staff Augmentation to Combat the Tech Talent Shortage

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Security Simplified: How to decipher Microsoft licensing to adopt Microsofts Zero Trust Practices

“Todays topic is all about Microsoft’s Zero Trust Rapid Modernization Plan, also known as RaMP. This is guidance on what to deploy and in what order. “We have moved our email into the cloud, what next?'”

Magic Program Reviews

The Magic Program is Finchloom’s new customer success and reviews program.

Learn about some of the projects that we have been working on, and how we have helped our clients on their journey to the cloud.

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Top 6 priorities for adopting Microsoft Zero Trust Security

“This is a frequent question from clients, but it’s not because they haven’t reviewed the dizzying array of IT security products in the market or considered implementing multifactor authentication (MFA). Most organizations have rolled out some version of MFA already, along with a checklist to install anti-malware, change passwords frequently…”

Zero Trust Security

In March 2022, Microsoft entered an agreement with Finchloom to optimize data for coupons that customers submit through Bing and associate those records with customer records into Microsoft Dynamics, their CRM database. Learn more about Finchloom’s collaboration with Microsoft through our recent press release!

New Hires

Over the past few months, we have had some new people join our team!

  • John McGreevy – CFO
  • Jimmy Benson – Enterprise Account Executive
  • Nick Wilsey – SMC Account Manager

Innovation through Collaboration

If your technology resources had no limits, what could your business accomplish?

Operate your IT department at optimum efficiency, fluid assets rise and fall as needed.

Delivery of focused expertise on projects frees up client resources for other critical objectives.

Erase tech barriers, and realize even greater possibilities when you have the intelligent help that you desire.