Protect your Business from Cybersecurity Attacks.

75% of Businesses Experienced Phishing in 2020. PhishPrevent, Finchloom’s proprietary cybersecurity solution listed on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace allows you to report, investigate, and test awareness of phishing.

Stop business email compromise in Microsoft 365 at every level of your organization. Submit your information using the form on this page and one of our security professionals will contact you to setup and explain how you can receive a Free Breach Assessment!

Stop Business Email Compromise

Escalate Button and Warning Banners
  • Through AI, banners are automatically injected into emails that seem suspicious
  • Outlook Plug-in Button submissions go to our SOC for human review
  • Malicious e-mails are removed from ALL users that received them
  • User receives feedback on their report
and Domain Monitoring
  • Monitor for suspicious/irregular logins
  • Custom heuristics and alerts
  • Highly suspicious activities escalated back to you
  • Monitoring of internet domain registrations
  • New look-a-like domains are investigated, blocked, and taken down
Office 365 Tenant Hardening
  • Prior Breach Assessment
  • Spam Filtering Configuration
  • MFA Configuration and Deployment
  • Authentication Policy Configuration
  • Application of several hardening settings and cybersecurity practices
  • Review operational best practices
User Training
  • Live and on-demand video training
  • E-mail awareness campaigns
  • Regular phishing simulations
  • On-the-spot training for those that fail the simulation