eBook: The Crucial Role of IT Consolidation In M&A Success:

5 Steps to help you Maximize Value & ROI (and Common Pitfalls to Avoid)

IT integration is often an afterthought post-merger or acquisition. A failed or miss-managed IT consolidation can drastically impede workflow and processes between the two M&A entities, causing major delays, increased costs, employee frustration, and reduced worker productivity, which ultimately can put key business goals at risk. 

These repercussions that result from a failed or much delayed IT consolidation often cause companies to take much longer to realize the overall M&A ROI. 

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– The most important items to address in pre-integration planning process to accelerate technology consolidation, improve adoption and maximize value 

– How to get rid of wasteful spend by properly consolidating and optimizing IT infrastructure early in the M&A process 

– How to avoid unnecessary risks related to compliance, regulation, and ongoing governance 

– How a properly executed IT integration establishes a simplified, modern work environment that creates competitive advantage 

– and more

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