John McGreevy joins Finchloom as VP of Finance

March 30th, 2022

John joined Finchloom in February 2022 and has had similar roles in IT companies. Through mutual relationships, he was introduced to Finchloom and joined our team to help manage the finances of the company. He looks forward to learning about what has made the company successful thus far and building upon it.

What experience do you bring to Finchloom?

“Prior to working with Finchloom I had similar roles in a couple different IT companies, the bulk of my career spent at a company called Key information Systems”

What is a professional goal you have in the next year?

“Understanding what makes the company tick, how its growing, where are things growing profitably, and where things can be done better is a short-term goal of mine”

What is your favorite part of working for Finchloom?

“Interacting with the various departments … being able to get a handle on what Finchloom has been doing gives me a lot of confidence to move things in the right direction.”

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