IT Staff Augmentation

How to Navigate the Tech Talent Shortage
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In the IT employment market, there are 6.5x more IT job openings than talent available to fill them. IT Staff Augmentation may be the answer.

IT Staff being augmented

With various factors in play, the shortage of tech talent and IT staff is more widespread than ever, as businesses are struggling to hire workers across the IT sector, ranging from compute infrastructure, platform services, network, security, digital workplace, storage, and database and more. With many organizations accelerating their digital transformation efforts, companies need to start thinking outside the box and looking at new strategies to address the talent gap.

What You Need to Know

About IT Staff Augmentation

Access a Highly Specialized Tech Talent Pool

Unemployment among highly skilled workers is almost non- existent, which has made freelancing an appealing option. Growing availability means employers can select contractors with the ideal proficiencies for the job—bringing the full force of their expertise to the company.

  • Hiring people with rare skills is costly. Since the supply is low and demand is high, the salaries can skyrocket and exceed the company budget capacity.
  • With staff augmentation services, you can access a rare talent pool that can add expertise to your existing IT team. Professionals also work on a freelance basis, which is another way to go down the path of staff augmentation.
  • These professional skills are rare, and not every member of your team will have them. Through staff augmentation, you can utilize these freelancers on a contractual basis and access the talent that is required for the project.
  • In the long run, you can also make use of these professionals to train your in- house team and enable them to become competent in those rare and valuable skills.

Intake and Upscale Talent Quickly

Companies who choose to leverage IT staff augmentation can utilize consultants more quickly than full time employees since the hiring process usually does not involve HR or require extensive interviews. Often companies may have limits on the amount of internal headcount they can hire, and these limits can make achieving the work needed to accomplish key business initiatives exceedingly difficult. However, when there are limitations on increasing headcount, many times there are separate budgets that may still allow for consultants or temporary employees to increase headcount.

  • By engaging an IT provider who offers staff augmentation services, you can typically obtain the required skillset you need for your project within a week or so, as these companies (like Finchloom) have a pool of talented resources that are available to work on a contractual basis.
  • It can often take months upon months to find a person with the correct, specialized skillset needed for your project. And because the talent pool is so thin, you may end up finding someone who is not as highly trained in the specific skill set as they should be.

Innovation through Collaboration

If your technology resources had no limits, what could your business accomplish?

Operate your IT department at optimum efficiency, fluid assets rise and fall as needed.

Delivery of focused expertise on projects frees up client resources for other critical objectives.

Erase tech barriers, and realize even greater possibilities when you have the intelligent help that you desire.