Your organization is adopting work from home protocols to help with global health concerns.

But are they letting you use any device from home to connect to work and access data? That’s a nightmare as you might inadvertently download business data to your personal device – or start syncing your OneDrive or Email to your personal computer! Oh, and you have to wait to get the IT guy to call you to setup your VPN connection to the office and install that clunky Line of Business app on your home PC. Not the best way to do it.

Or, did they give you an expensive laptop to take home that needs to be with the IT department for 2 days to get it ready for you? Now you have to lug this heavy thing around and set it up on your breakfast table at home. Now you have 2 computers – one with your home life, games, social media and photos, and one for work. Can’t you just use one device for both? Why do you have to lug this extra device around?

I’m going to tell you the secret to all of this. And you may not have even heard of this.

There’s been a global effort to hide this technology from all the workforces because it will make Work From Home just too simple and effortless – well, not really, but I’m being dramatic to point out how great this tech is. I’m about to blow the lid off this secret and let you in on it. All you have to do is ask about this at work. Ask why you don’t have this amazing technology already. Tell your boss that you’ve discovered the solution to the Work from Home scenario that you have to enact in an emergency. Let them know you’ve got the answer! And if you have Microsoft 365 – you already own the license!

The best way to Work From Home is to use your own device that you already own. Whether it’s a Chromebook, an iMac, a gamer’s Windows box with liquid cooling, or even if it’s just iPad Pro. It’s Your device – you keep using it. But we’re not going to install your company’s app on your device. We’re not going to install weird VPN software. In fact, all we want you to do is use your WEB BROWSER to connect to work. We’ll make it so that you will run a corporate version of Windows 10 with all your company apps already installed and an up-to-date version of Office. You can access any company data or apps and it all stays within the virtual machine – not ever touching your local device. It’s called Windows Virtual Desktop.

For quick Work From Home access to organization data and apps, there is no easier way to do it than with Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.

Think of it like those isolation chambers you’ve seen on TV and inside the chamber is all the company intellectual property – business data, office documents, line of business applications. And you are given two sanitary and secured gloves to reach into the isolation chamber and access those apps and data. But, you cannot take the apps and data outside of the secured confines of the isolation chamber. It keeps company data secure and protected.


That’s what Windows Virtual Desktop is! Imagine you connect from home – using ANY device you want! You just open your browser, go to the Windows Virtual Desktop page, sign in with Multi-Factor Authentication – and then you just open a Windows 10 Virtual Machine right there in your browser. You can make it full screen too and fool your family and friends and tell them that you are miraculously running Windows 10 on your Mac! The best part is that you get fast and secured access to your Office apps, access to your files in OneDrive or even mapped back to the on-premise company file server, AND your line of business apps can be installed for you so you can use them in this Windows 10 Virtual Machine.

With redirection, you can send printouts to your local printer connected to the device you are using, and you can cut and paste between your local computer and the virtual machine. When you have to leave, simply disconnect from your session (aka take your hands out of the gloves in the isolation chamber) and your virtual desktop keeps your place where you left off – including all the apps and office documents you have open. So, next time you connect back to your virtual desktop – even if it’s from another local device – your session is right there waiting for you.

It’s so simple to use, and you as an employee don’t need to install any additional apps on your home computer, and you don’t have to maintain compliance with your personal device because your IT department won’t care what device you are using to connect.

If you’re reading this as you work from home, and you aren’t using this amazing technology

  • It might be time to share this article with your IT department or if you’re a smaller business
  • Let your management know about this. It will help you make the transition to work at home a lot easier.

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