Post Covid, we all have the experience of working with Microsoft Teams to collaborate. You can set up Teams with individual access and video meetings, channels for chats, file sharing, and a variety of modern workplace plugins for productivity and project management. The hidden secret is after more than 15 years of attempts with phone calling, Microsoft finally found its place. Teams subscriptions also include a cloud-based phone system, enabling you to replace the existing phone system and further utilize the Microsoft licensing investment. Microsoft replaces traditional PBXs with key calling capabilities and a cloud-based call control system that provides the overall telephony workload for Microsoft Teams. In fact, Gartner® has recognized Microsoft as a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Separating Microsoft from the pack, Teams simplifies collaboration with anywhere access to meetings by phone or pc. The game changer will come later this year with “intelligent recap” and AI. With intelligent recap in Teams premium, you’ll get automatically generated meeting notes, recommended tasks, and personalized highlights to help you get the information most important to you, even if you miss the meeting. Yes, you can order a-la-carte a phone dial-in option for meetings so that everyone’s voice can be heard and included in the intelligent recap, and tasks. But, why miss out on all the simplicity of a single system. Have you ever wanted a call summary from a 1:1 phone call, or been on the run and wished AI could enter the phone call follow up tasks? Plus, in the future, no one is more capable of delivering with AI a natural language conversation to easily interact with your Teams, content, and peers; all from a phone. New to Microsoft Teams Phone? Please review Explainer videos to learn more.

What is Microsoft Teams Voice?

Common Microsoft Teams Phone Questions

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The History of Microsoft Teams Voice

Licensing and Hardware Requirements

What Can I Do With My Old Phone System?

Licensing Overview

With so many choices, Microsoft Teams Phone must fit every company, right?

Is Microsoft Teams Phone Ready for Enterprise?

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