By: Matthew Glazer, Cloud Sales Manager

Last year, working remotely for a large Medical Recycling Company my team had constant trouble using WebEx and Zoom. It is certainly possible that not being the most technically savvy group of individuals we had massive user errors but after failing multiple times over many months we simply reverted to plain old conference calls.

Fast forward a few months and having joined Finchloom as a still “technically challenged” individual, I was introduced to Teams for the first time. After the less than normal learning curve, I found Teams to be an amazing help. I picked it up quickly (for me), loved not having two phones, loved having all my customer folders in the same place that I could securely share with anyone and loved having the ability for our entire office to work collaboratively.

Now, faced with the COVID-19 crisis we have all been forced to work remotely and rely entirely on Teams. The transition was not scary because I had done it previously with varying success. However, this time it was completely seamless. 

Aside from being able to walk into someone’s office to chat, there is nothing I’m missing. Instead of walking over, I just ping them in Teams chat and take it to a live call as needed. Even when we were all within arm’s reach, we still used Teams to share documents and collaborate in real time, so not much has changed there.

Except for a young child occasionally popping into my home office while I’m on a Teams call, I don’t think any of my clients have noticed a change. And in my line of work, the most important thing is that my clients aren’t inconvenienced. Microsoft Teams and Windows Virtual Desktop have ensured that for me and my clients, it’s business as usual.

I’ve tried to picture how this would all work without Teams. I know it would be possible – I’ve done it before. Then I wonder, how did I ever work remotely before Microsoft Teams?